About Me

So here’s the deal: these “about me” blurbs are always kind of stupid. Either they read like a resume or a lame dating site profile. Still though, a few bits about me are worth mentioning.

I was born sometime in the early half of the 1970’s. I’ve grew up and still live in Arizona. I attended Arizona State University where I majored in Physics before transfering to Anthropology. My carreer has mainly been in IT related fields; from call center operations to training to systems administration. I am currently with an online training company where I work in our content QA and release department.

Politically I hew Progressive/Democrat and I’m a commited Secular Humanist/Atheist. I will write about politics from time to time.

Previous versions of this blog involved a great deal of commentary on the tech media—I hope to move away from that somewhat in the future.


You can contact me via any number of social media outlets:

or email me at darby@theangrydrunk.com

About the Site

And now a brief technical rundown:

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